81 Fieldwood Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M1V 3G3   Canada

Tel: (416) 297-6045
GAC provides a full range of consulting services and
project management expertise in all aspects of
aquaculture and fisheries throughout the world to
International Organizations, Governments, Academia and
the Private Sector. Also, GAC collaborates in partnership
with NGOs and Research Centres or Agencies that
execute refugee programs and enterprise development in
aquaculture and fisheries.

Specifically, GAC services are:

  • evaluation of ongoing aquaculture and fisheries
    projects for enhancement and optimization of general
    operation and management;

  • project pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in
    aquaculture and fisheries including business plan;

  • hatchery and on-growing designs for a wide range of
    tropical and cold water cultivable species;

  • development of low-cost aquaculture systems from
    excavated ponds, through tanks and raceways, to
    floating cages and enclosures;

  • up-to-date scientific application of appropriate
    culture methods ranging from extensive, semi-
    intensive, intensive and super intensive recirculating

  • proper selection of cultivable species for monoculture
    or polyculture;

  • proper application of integrated farming systems and

  • most recent application of hybridization , sex-reversal
    and triploidy technologies;

  • management of aquatic weeds, Bilharzias’ snails, and
    larvae of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes by fish as a
    biological control agent;

  • fisheries surveys for sound commercial exploitation

  • studies of environmental impacts due to pollution and
    exotic species;

  • identification of diseases in aquaculture systems,
    treatment and control;

  • training of university and high school students, fish
    farmers and extension services personnel.
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