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Prof. Thomas George conducted applied research on the
assessment of fisheries resources, many aspects of
aquaculture and the aquatic environment and published
the results. Specifically, he:

  • executed the first survey of the fisheries resources in
    Lake Nubia (Nasser), Wadi Halfa, Sudan, that formed
    the basis for a large-scale commercial fishery

  • tested organic and inorganic fertilizers in earthen fish
    ponds and highlighted their effects on the aquatic
    media versus fish production; several text-books cited

  • experimented on the growth of O.  niloticus in mono-
    sex culture as compared to mixed-sex culture that
    initiated research and development of sex-reversal

  • introduced the grass carp and common carps (scale,
    mirror) in Sudan, bred the former artificially by induced
    breeding for the first time in the African Region and      
    demonstrated their role in polyculture with O.  

  • demonstrated through a research protocol (WHO/Blue
    Nile Health Project) the viable use of the grass carp,
    common carp and tilapia as biological control agents
    for aquatic weeds, Bilharzias’ snails and larvae of
    malaria-transmitting misquotes;

  • evaluated  the efficiency of the exotic Gambusia
    affinis and the indigenous O.  niloticus as larvivores,
    recommended the use of the latter and highlighted
    the ecological hazards of the former if introduced in
    inland waters;

  • experimented on the exotic crayfish, P.  clarkii, and
    eradicated it when discovered its ecological hazards;

  • executed a pilot project on the integration of
    aquaculture with agriculture and poultry and
    recommended its application in mixed farms;

  • assessed the status of water pollution in the Gezira
    irrigation canals and highlighted the side effects of
    pesticides on the aquatic environment;

  • suggested and supervised research on egg
    enumeration, hatching and development of O.
    niloticus for two graduate students and published the
    results jointly with them;     

  • His important publications in international journals and
    bulletins are listed hereinafter:

  • George TT. 2007. Wild and farmed fish, their nutritional
    value and role of aquaculture for world food. Bull.
    Aquacul. Assoc. Canada (under publication).

  • George TT. 2007. The grass carp and tilapia as
    biological control agents and their role in aquaculture
    for food security. Bull. Aquacul. Assoc. Canada (under

  • Afra A-A A, SA Musab, TT George. 2006. Egg
    Enumeration, Incubation, Hatching and Development
    of the "Miracle Fish”, Oreochromis  niloticus, in the
    Sudan. Aquacul. Assoc. Canada  Sp. Pub. No 12: 60 -

  • George TT, OM Saeed, AI Moghraby. 2006. Fisheries
    and Aquaculture in the Sudan with Emphasis on the
    Southern States. Proc. Malakal Workshop, Malakal,

  • George TT. 2006. Survival of a Deformed “Miracle Fish”
    Oreochromis  niloticus in an Intensive Water
    Recirculating System. Bull. Aquacul. Assoc. Canada
    106-3: 28 - 3.

  • George TT. 2005. The most recent nomenclature of
    Tilapia species in Canada and The Sudan. Aquacul.
    Assoc. Canada Sp. Pub. 10: 33 – 37.

  • George TT, OM Saeed. 2001. Evaluation of the Current
    Status of Sudan Fisheries and Proposals for Capacity
    Building, Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries

  • George TT, C Weaver, T Shaw. 1998. Status of
    commercial tilapia culture in Canada. Bull. Aquacul.
    Assoc. Canada 98-2: 53 - 55.

  • George TT. 1998. Canadian doctors confirm the
    infection and effects of Streptococcus  iniae in fish
    and humans. Bull. Aquacul. Assoc. Canada 98- 2: 87 -

  • George TT. 1997. Saltwater culture of tilapia and
    possible commercial application in Canada. Bull.
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  • George TT. 1996. Tilapia – a potential culture species in
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  • George TT. 1986. Status of aquaculture and
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  • George TT, El-N B Ahmed, OM Saeed.1985.
    Aquaculture in the Sudan: present status,  research       
    trends and development prospects. Proc. IDRC Pen
    and Cage Culture Workshop, Cairo, Egypt.

  • George TT. 1983. Results of aquaculture research in the
    Sudan and future research trends. Proc. First Arab
    Symposium on culture of fish and shellfish, Kuwait.

  • George TT. 1982. The Chinese grass carp,
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    control of aquatic macrophytes and breeding in the
    Sudan. Aquaculture: 27, p. 317 – 327.

  • George TT. 1979. Prospects of developing cage and
    pen culture in Sudan. Proc. IDRC/SEAFDEC Intern.
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  • George TT. 1979. The biology of Gambusia  affinis and
    its role as an exotic species in Sudan with respect to
    other indigenous larvivorous fishes. WHO Traveling
    Seminar, Bulgaria/Russia, EM/TR.SMR.LRV.FSH.MSQ.
    CTR/73 Sudan.

  • George TT, AI Moghraby.1978. Status of aquatic
    pollution in Sudan, its control and protection of living
    resources. Proc. FAO/SIDA Workshop on Aquatic
    Pollution. Nairobi and Mombassa, FIR:TPLR/78/Inf. 20.

  • George TT. 1977. Critical Appraisal of Water Pollution in
    the Gezira Canals with Particular Reference to
    Aquaculture. Proc. 19th Annual Conf. of the
    Philosophical Society of Sudan. Sudan. Notes and
    Records 56 – 64.      

  • George TT.1975. Water Pollution in Relation to
    Aquaculture in Sudan. FAO/CIFA Symposium on
    Aquaculture in Africa, Accra, Ghana. FAO/CIFA/75/

  • George TT. 1975. Introduction and Transplantation of
    Cultivable Species in Africa. FAO/CIFA Symposium on
    Aquaculture in Africa, Accra, Ghana. FAO/CIFA/75/

  • George TT. 1975. The History and Status of Fish Culture
    in the Sudan and the Urgency of an Experimental
    Project for its Development into an Industry: A Review.
    FAO/CIFA/75/SC-5 p. 109 – 131.

  • George TT. 1975. Observations on the growth of Tilapia
    nilotica L. in Tropical Fish Ponds Treated with Different
    Fertilizers. FAO/CIFA/75/SE11.

  • George TT. 1975. Detailed National Plan for
    Aquaculture Development in the Sudan. Proc. FAO
    Regional Workshop on Aquaculture Planning and
    Development in Africa, Accra, Ghana.

  • George TT. 1972. A Note on the Growth of Tilapia
    nilotica L. in mono-sex culture. Reprint, Central Institute
    of Fisheries Education Annual Day, Souvenir, Bombay,
    India, p. 42 – 43.  

  • George TT. 1971. Preliminary Account of the Fish and
    Fisheries of Lake Nubia during 1967-1968. Jour. Indian
    Fish. Assoc. (1) 2: 65 – 88.
T.T. George
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