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Dr. Jacques Diouf, FAO Director –
General, Rome, Italy.
The Hon. Brian Tobin, Former Minister
of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.
The Hon. Fred J. Mifflin, Former
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans,
The Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien ,  
Former Prime Minister of Canada.
Dr. T.V.R. Pillay, Former FAO
Aquaculture Project Leader and
Dr. H. Chaudhuri, FAO
Aquaculture Consultant, Rome,
K.H. Alikunhi, Former Aquaculture
Project Manager, Jebara, Indonesia
and Director, Central Institute of
Fisheries Education (CIFE), Bombay,
Dr. V.G. Jhingran, Former
Director, Central Inland Fisheries
Institute, India.
Prof. Rafael Guerrero III Jr.,
Central Luzon University,
Dr. Ziad H. Shehadeh, Former
FAO Aquaculture Coordinator,
Rome, Italy.
Prof. Ivan L. Head, Former IDRC
President, Ottawa, Canada.
Dr. Brian Davey, IDRC Associate Director (Aquatic Resources), Environment
and Natural Resources Division, Canada and Prof. Osman M. Saeed,
Former Deputy Director, Animal Resources Research, Sudan.
Prof. Michael B. Timmons, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY., and Garry
Chapman, Northern Tilapia Inc., Canada.
Prof. Elzubair Bahsir, Former Minister
of Science & Technology and Dr.
Riak Guy, Former Minister of Animal
Resources and Fisheries, Khartoum,
Prof. Thomas M. Lasordo, North
Carolina State University, USA.
Dr. Yves Bastien, Former
Aquaculture Commissioner &
John Gracey, Editor, Northern
Aquaculture, Canada.
Prof. Meryl J. Williams, Former
Director. ICLARM, the World Fish
Center, Malaysia.
Dr. Dan B. Quayle, Former IDRC
Oyster Culture Expert, Ottawa,
Prof. Mohamed Saeed, Deputy
Vice-Chancellor and Prof. Awad H.
Ali, Vice-Chancellor, Al Neelain
University, Khartoum, Sudan.
Ibrahim H. Kutbi, Former Director-General, Arab Fisheries Company, Naser
Al Saleh, Former Director, Saudi Fisheries Company and Salem A. Thubeti,
Director, Fish Farming Research Center, Saudi Arabia.
Prof. Yousif B. Abu Gideiri, Former Head of Zoology Department, Khartoum
University, Prof. Samir Y. Mishrigi, Juba University, and Prof. Asim I.
Moghraby, Former Director, Hydrobiological Research Center, Sudan.
Prof. Joseph Brown & Prof. Jay
Parsons, Former Presidents
AAC and Memorial University
of Newfoundland, Canada.
Daniel Stechey, Former
Aquaculture Coordinator, Fisheries
& Oceans and Julian Hynes,
Former Senior Biologist, Ministry of
Natural Resources, Canada.
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