81 Fieldwood Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M1V 3G3   Canada

Tel: (416) 297-6045
  • Professor of aquaculture and President, Global
    Aquaculture Consultants (GAC), Toronto, Ontario,

  • A well-traveled scientist with many credentials in the
    international aquaculture and fisheries arenas as an
    Independent Consultant or Team-Leader with CIDA,

  • An active participant or chairperson in international
    conferences, workshops and exhibitions held in Asian
    African, European and North American countries;

  • A career scientist since 1966, served for ten years
    (1976 -1986) as Director, Fisheries Research Centre and
    later as a National Fisheries Advisor to the Minister of
    Animal Resources & Fisheries for two years (2001-2002),
    Khartoum Sudan;

  • Planned, formulated and executed several
    aquaculture projects funded by IDRC, WHO, IFS and
    the World Bank as the Project Leader;

  • Conducted applied research on the assessment of
    fisheries resources, many aspects of aquaculture and
    the aquatic environment and published the results in
    scientific journals  (details under Publications); several
    were referred to in aquaculture text-books;

  • Promoted integrated agro-aquaculture in rural areas
    and the use of fish as a biological control agent for
    aquatic weeds, Bilharzias’ snails and larvae of malaria-
    transmitting mosquitoes;

  • Executed through a scientific team a research
    program for the revival of mother-of-pearl oyster,
    Pinctada  margaritifera, in Dongonab Bay on the Red
    Sea Coast, Sudan;

  • Contributed in lifting the ban on the culture of tilapia
    imposed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource
    (OMNR), Toronto, Ontario, and published the first
    paper in Canada on its culture potential in 1996;

  • Assisted Al-Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan, during
    2003-2006 to establish the School of Fisheries Sciences
    within the Faculty of Agricultural Technology as its first
    Director and graduated the first batch in 2006;

  • Lectured aquaculture and fisheries courses to
    university students; supervised graduate students;
    performed as an external examiner to several M. Sc.
    theses; and trained high school students, fish farmers
    and extension services personnel;

  • Contributed to public awareness on aquaculture and
    fisheries through multi-media presentations and
    interviews: TV, Radio and the Press;  

  • Produced a Scientific Film on Aquaculture in the
    Sudan; presented in 1976 at the UNDP/FAO/
    Government of Japan International Conference on
    Aquaculture Planning And Development, Kyoto,
    Japan (chosen among the best shown at the
    Conference Film Festival);

  • Proficient in aquaculture and fisheries pre-feasibility
    and feasibility studies including project monitoring and
    rehabilitation of fish farms;

  • Highly expert at evaluating operating aquaculture
    and fisheries projects, confident in making on-the-spot
    decisions and recommendations;

  • Competent in budget management, manpower
    supervision and inspiration and development of
    institutional infrastructure;

  • Experienced in photography, preparing films, museum
    materials and exhibitions;

  • Possess excellent cross-cultural communications skills
    and ability to work equally well as a team member,
    team leader or independently;                                        

  • Awards recipient and member in international
    aquaculture associations;

  • Excellent language skills, English and Arabic.
PROFILE: Thomas T. George
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