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Thomas T. George:

  • is a Professor of aquaculture and President, Global   
    Aquaculture Consultants (GAC);

  • is recognized  internationally as a consultant by United  
    Nations Organizations (FAO. WHO, UNDP), Canada
    (CIDA, IDRC) and Arab Organizations (AFC, AOAD);

  • had been on missions to many countries in Africa, Asia,
    Europe and North America;

  • had written many technical reports for international
    organizations and published scientific papers in
    international journals;

  • had published in 1996 the first paper in Canada on
    tilapia as a potential culture species;

  • had arranged in 1998 with the Organizing Committee
    of AC98 and Northern Tilapia Inc. to serve tilapia at the
    Opening Reception in the Delta St. John’s Hotel and
    Conference Centre, for the first time in the history of


The tilapia fillet served at the Opening                                                       
Reception was provided by Northern                                                             
Tilapia Inc., represented by John                                                                        
Holder (L.).

The profile of Thomas George provides detailed information
about his credentials and expertise in international
aquaculture and fisheries arenas.
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T.T. George
T.T. George