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1976 UNDP/FAO/Government of
Japan International Technical
Conference on Aquaculture
Planning and Development, Kyoto,
Japan, chaired by T.V.R. Pillay, FAO
Programme Leader, Aquaculture
Development and Coordination
while T.T. George represented
1982 First Arab Symposium on
Aquaculture of Fish and Shellfish,
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kuwait.
1987 FAO/CIFA Meeting, Accra,
Ghana, chaired by Mr. Dada,
Director, Fisheries Department,
Nigeria while Prof. T.T. George and
Prof. O.M. Saeed represented Sudan.
1995 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Food
& Agriculture Organization
(FAO) celebrated at Chateau
Frontenac, Quebec City,  Quebec,
Canada, where it had been
founded on October 16, 1945 by
representatives from  44 countries.
1995 Release of the Canadian Federal Aquaculture Development Strategy
(FADS) by The Hon. Brian Tobin, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, at The
Prince George Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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50th FAO Anniversary Symposium on Managing Natural Resources
held at the Grand Theatre in Quebec City, Canada and attended by
1,600 participants.